Why Agarwal Classes (AC)


1. Concept Classes In the concept classes programme there are extensive classroom discussion on every topic for building strong fundamentals & basic concepts.

2. Conceptual Brain Teaser. After Concept classes Conceptual Brain Teasing problems are discussed in the class. This helps to clear the topics effectively to the student. It also includes various sections of the topic which require greater stress for competitive exams.

3. Nutshell In the Nutshell programme various questions similar to those which are asked in school / board examinations are discussed. In the Nutshell programme the student is made aware with the way of writing in the exams & how to crack the question Nutshell in the exams.

4. Competition Corner Competition Corner is such a programme which deals with the exhaustive practice of all the latest questions related to the particular topic which is required to face the current competitive exams. It covers the questions of AIEEE / IIT Screening./PET.

Daily Practice Speed Test (DPST) & Major Test

The Daily Practice Speed Tests (DPST) is a sheet of paper consisting of short answer type question like multiple choice, fill in the blanks etc. They are designed to check the students daily about the knowledge they have gained in the day before class. The studies are strictly supplemented by these regular speed tests to check the accuracy, knowledge & speed of the student. The evaluation of the student's performance is done daily. The analysis file is prepared for each & every student on the basis of the evaluation. Each test is followed by detailed discussion of the test in the classroom.

Major tests are the written test for each chapter like the school exam. Tests are also conducted to revise 2-3 chapters. These test are mainly designed for the CBSE exams of student. Merit list is made for each test and the top three students are given certificates of excellence. The marks of top students along with their photographs are displayed in powerpoint presentation in the LCD. This helps to develop the competitive environment and students feel appreciated for their efforts.

Both the major test and DPST help to maintain the balance for students development for both the objective and subjective types of tests. This helps in complete evaluation of student.

Study Material & Class Room Culture

At Agarwal Classes teaching is not merely a profession, it is a mission to train students who would surely succeed in exams. More emphasis is given on the topics which have substantial weight age in the respective examinations. One hour daily spent at Agarwal Classes is equivalent to many hours spent alone without any guidance. Typical concepts & fundamental are presented in such a manner so that students find them very easy to understand. The exhaustive detailed discussion of the topic is supplemented by hard core work sheets & questionnaire; this ensures a perfect coordination between class & students.

In the assignment problems are given at various level of complexity based on different competitive exams. Above all healthy & detailed discussion regarding topic encourage our students to study efficiently. Moreover, queries & doubts are promptly & immediately clarified to avoid confusion.

Levels of Programme

Classroom Courses at Agarwal Classes consists of 3 levels to fulfill the needs of the students of CBSE School students starting from class VI. These three level are defined as-

1.Sub- Stratum level

2. Stratum level

3. Super- Stratum level